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Michael Lee

“I have done the NeoLife 3-Day Detox a total of 16 times! When first I began, I used the 3-Day Detox to jump-start my weight loss. It certainly did that and more, as I have even been crowned a 90-Day Challenge Winner. As I continued with my weight loss and weight management (down 72 lbs. total), I used the 3-Day Detox whenever I would hit a plateau -- no weight loss over 3-4 days. That always got things started again for me. Now, I continue to use the 3-Day Detox program approximately every 6 weeks or so. If I begin to feel sluggish, fatigued, bloated, or like something "just isn't quite right," I do a 3-Day Detox, and get things back on track again! As often as I've used it, I continue to be amazed at how much better and more alert I feel afterwards.”

Kirk Green

“I lost 4 pounds on the NeoLife 3-Day Detox and felt great the whole time! Watching the scale go down was so motivating to help keep me focused especially to stick to making healthy choices. Now I can turn down unhealthy food and drinks that I used to overindulge in.”*

Corinne Dignum

“The NeoLife 3-Day Detox was amazing! After completing the detox, I felt clean and energetic. I even lost a few pounds and my core feels tighter. There’s no better way to reset good eating habits!”*

Kim Green

“The NeoLife 3-Day Detox is amazing as I can continue on my regular schedule and have not slowed down. The best part about this detox is that you don’t go hungry. I ate fresh fruits and veggies and never felt like I was going without food. During the detox, I felt great and I had forgotten how soundly I could sleep. I had lots of extra energy throughout the day and could feel mybody shrinking. The detox totally resets my foodcravings; I don’t want to eat junk food now! I even lost 4 pounds! I can’t imagine a day without NeoLife.”*

Jeaninne Pagliazzo

“The NeoLife 3-Day Detox was a satisfying, quick and safe kick start on my weight loss journey. I love drinking NeoLifeTea for an extra boost of energy. Now, I’m more physically active and love having my NeoLifeShake and Pro Vitality each morning. I’m supper happy with my results! At 43, I feel healthier than I’ve ever been. Thank you NeoLife!”*

Julia Nelson

“My husband, Eric and I have done the NeoLife 3-Day Detox together twice and I’ve done it total of 3 times. Eric was very impressed on how easy it was and how great he felt afterwards. He felt he ate healthy before the Detox but realized he could do better. It gave him a new sense of appreciation for the freshness of the foods he ate and now uses less salt and seasonings. Both times he experienced over 5 pounds of weight loss and 1 to 2 inches off his waist, less bloat, and more energy.
For me it has only gotten easier and better each time. Each time I’ve lost about 4 pounds and 1 inch off my waist. We plan and prepare our meals for the detox a few days before we begin. As well as cut back on the foods that we know will be missed. The hardest part is not being able to have our NeoLifeShake on days 1 and 2!”*

Ada DiGiacopo

“I’m so happy I did the NeoLife 3-Day Detox! It was easy, delicious and only 3 days! I didn’t feel hungry at all which was my biggest fear! In fact, I felt satisfied with all the raw fruits and veggies and experienced an abundance of energy and mental clarity! I highly recommend it!”*

Amanda Kowalski

“My NeoLife 3-Day Detox went great! On the second day I had a HUGE leap in lightness and energy! I practically leapt out of bed in the morning and felt like I could take on the world! I lost several pounds and inches. I am so much looking forward to doing another one! It’s opened a whole new way of eating for me, and I am so thankful for it!”*

Josh Toomey

“I did the NeoLife 3-Day Detox as a jumpstart to my weight loss. I was a bit skeptical but I took the leap. I bought vegetables and fruit ahead of time and prepared my meals prior to the following day. In less than 24 hours I could feel and experience the detox cleansing me of all that was slowing me down. By the third day, I was excited to eat my healthy meal for dinner. The detox regulated my body and I feel like my body is now keeping what it needs and getting rid of the bad stuff at a faster pace. I lost several pounds and my energy skyrocketed. I would recommend the 3-Day Detox to anyone!”*

Eric Nelson

“At first I wasn’t thrilled about doing the NeoLife 3-Day Detox at my wife’s urging; but, I have to admit, I was surprised how great I felt afterwards! I also lost 5 pounds, feel less bloated and have more energy. I’m looking forward to doing it again and definitely recommend it to others!”*

Linda Burr

“Due to a dramatic change in my life circumstances about a year ago, I was unable to exercise as much and was less diligent about my eating habits. The weight slowly crept on and I no longer fit into my size 4’s and 6’s. It was either lose weight or buy a new wardrobe. I got a great jumpstart by incorporating the NeoLife 3-Day Detox, which encouraged me greatly, as I lost 3 pounds in the first 3 days of my Weight Loss Challenge. After that, the weight came off slowly but steadily. It’s great to fit into my clothes again and I feel great, too! Thank you, NeoLife!”*

Kim Williams

“I’ve done the NeoLife 3-Day Detox three times and every time I feel amazing. I am shocked as usual about how gentle and effective it is! I feel safe and I love the food that am eating during the entire 3 days, and I love how easy it is to do.”

Lani Meis

“I absolutely LOVE the NeoLife 3-Day Detox! I know it’s safe and healthy for my body thanks to the amazing Scientific Advisory Board – and it definitely works! A nice incentive is watching the numbers on the scale go down. I lost 5 pounds! I have done it 3 times now and each time experience what I call a mindset readjustment; a motivation to eat healthy, get back in the gym and a thankfulness that I am able to do both of those things. It literally changes my whole perspective!”*

Lacey Dugger

“I feel amazing after completing the NeoLife 3-Day Detox! I had so much energy during the detox, that I found myself scrubbing my bathroom top to bottom. And the end results are even more amazing – I feel less bloated, more focused, and totally energized. I’m down almost 7 pounds and lost an inch off my waist and abdomen. The 3-Day Detox was just what I needed to jump-start my health journey!”*

Carina Wedel

“I thought it was going to be very hard but it was indeed a much needed break for my digestive system. Avoiding all foods except raw fruits and veggies really helped me notice how much cleaner and better I felt overall. I didn’t experience any headaches or major fatigue; in fact I went on two hikes over the course of the detox conquering 4 miles each time. The NeoLife 3-Day Detox is always a great way to restart my digestive system and promote a healthy gut which is key to optimal health in all individuals. My best friend was able to join me on the detox and together we conquered and both feel amazing! I lost 5.5 pounds and am ready to head back to the gym even harder and stronger this time.”*

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